So, the boys and I left town for a week, to Scout camp. Off the grid: no electric, phones, etc. When we returned, we were surprised that the girls did not just sit awaiting our arrival, they removed the upholstery, purchased kitchen cabinets, ordered counter tops, found, purchased & moved a sofa into the bus and began re-upholstering everything... SO, today we installed the base cabinets, the fridge is inside (but not installed) and the cushions are now old news, as the throw pillows have started to show up. Good news is that Kelly is all on board with the project!

After getting her short list completed, I decided to take on the tire pressure monitor installation, which should be easy easy, and it's gotten bigger. You see, to put the receiver where I want it, I'd have to run some wires into the dashboard column that has the backup camera monitor, the 12v switches, the driver stereo etc etc- and it is a mess. The wiring is a mess that is. There's a security alarm with it's jumble of wires, and a dumpy looking dash console that is the original upholstered material and, well, if I'm going to be looking at this console for the next year and 50,000 miles- I'm upgrading.

Thanks to the bonus of the CNC router and my penchant for wiring projects, the dashboard column is now gone. Interesting to see the back side with evidence of a fire some time ago (which is mentioned in the documentation we reviewed before purchasing- solved by a major rewire years ago)... Also a chance to take inventory of what all the wires and switches really do. Since the coach batteries are on the charger today (since yesterday) it's a chance to see what runs off the house batteries (connected) and what runs- or doesn't run- with the coach batteries D/C'd. Did I mention that I left the drivers stereo on when we left for camp? Apparently it will not play for an entire week.

Now: at work setting up the cutting template for a new dashboard column frame, which will then be covered or painted to look sharp. Maybe some new laminate? Don't tell Kelly or she'll start decorating the drivers area...

By the way- we had our first 'sit & chat' bus guests this weekend. Hopefully the beginning of many chances we'll have to sit and visit with friends that we miss seeing- in the comfort of our rolling home. (Take note of the new sofa, etc etc- cabinets not installed yet)