Wednesday morning, we’re up and on t he road by 10, to, where Eleanor stayed last night. The more we look, the better she looks. The guys there don’t seem to know much about this bus, since it just arrived on the lot, hasn’t even been washed yet, and they don’t get a lot of RV setups. Looking through it again with George, the kids laid on the bunks to check the fit, Trevor even fits (barely he says). The lights all seem to work, it has 3 Webasto toe heaters, Trace inverter, 4 new glass mat house batteries ($800 each, new), etc etc.

We opened up all the doors, ran the generator to test the lights and electronics, talked price a few times, and asked the man George to get it into the shop and take a look.

We departed for Dayton to Kellys sisters house and spoke with George again when we arrived 6 hours later. He relayed some good information about the mechanics, and I asked him to relay an offer to the owners before we leave Ohio. He chuckled at the offer, but said he'd offer it. As part of the offer, we said that we would cover all of the needs if they would accept the offer. Including $5500 in glass replacement and multiple other cosmetics, it wasn't a bad offer. We'll see what happens tomorrow. If they counter offer too much higher, we'll follow through on our plan to visit Florida April 15th (non-refundable) and keep looking.

45' front to back.

The motor, a Detroit series 60, dwarfs Meila.

Plenty of buttons, meets our 'cool' factor criteria