Well, to be honest we're just selling 108 square feet of it.

We are hoping to find a business or group that sees the value of 100 square feet on the sides of our bus- rolling along the nations highways for 12 months, and invite them aboard to share the cost of fuel. Not trying to get rich (we've given up that dream), just trying do this as efficiently as we can.

Talks to put together a deal for a national advertiser are moving s l o w l y, and may not come together by the end of July.... So we're gonna see if something else will come together in time to decorate the white space just once. If we can't put the right sponsor on the side, we're taking suggestions for what you'd like to see on there... Email us.

It could be cool to advertise for one of our favorite brands, or clothing lines, or technology vendors, or political groups (just kidding about political anything)... The simple rule is that we have to OK the ad. That should keep us safe, right?

Friends, if you have any thoughts about the risks of this type of partnership or have any experience with this- would you let us know? Also, your ideas about what should be there are welcome anytime day or night.

We'll let you know when the big unveiling will be.