Despite Kellys absence during the last week and into the next (we're ready for her to come home!), we've been tinkering with ol'  Bussie. As we know from previous experience, if you park anything in a sign guys driveway for long enough, sign projects will happen. The major updates will get underway next week.

In the rear lounge, we have replaced the previous owners crest with a backlit hedgehog. Ties in with our last name- you might also notice the '9' in the hedgehogs belly. Makes a nice nightlight, or for team spirit meetings on the road.

Until yesterday, these switches were unlabeled. Almost as bad as a paper sign, is an unlabeled switch. Now, you know if you're turning the bunk lights, or the toilet ON.

...finally, we'll keep the mystery alive about who's inside, and satisfy the authorities that this is not a bus-for-hire.

Tomorrow we'll be at the elementary school for 3 class tours- so the kids' classmates will have an idea of where their friends are living for the next year; and how often do you get to look inside a 45' entertainer bus? If you're interested, we'll be in the bus lane at 1:15, come on by.