Buses at night before bed, in the morning after laying in bed thinking about the plan for the day, on the road without an internet connection, etc etc etc.

My mind is fried by the search.

Yesterday, George called to report that Eleanors owner had scoffed at our offer, and would not be making a counter offer, but would listen to any offer we made. Hello?! He did say that Eleanor was a one owner bus, and he had 10# of records including service every 10k miles. That makes it feel a little better. Yesterday I spoke with a guy that said VanHool's were a 'throw-away bus', 'disposable'. Then, I talked with another guy that said VanHool's were the best thing going in buses. It just adds to the mental madness. Depends on who you talk to, the position of the sun and moon, and the day of the week.

Kind of took the day off of buses today. We're taking Kelly's grandma to the circus tomorrow for her first circus ever (in her 85 years).

Picked up a camera today with birthday money that will allow me to post video clips efficiently to the blog. Now, I need some material. Hopefully the big unexpected OH snowfall will subside or our 24 hour trip home may turn into a ... longer trip. I hear Colorado is due for more snow on Friday. Perhaps I'll get to listen to the rest of the John Grisham book on DVD.

I noticed on eBay that there's a bus for sale in Denver, sale ends today and there are no bids.

I'm also of the mindset tonight that we'll get a $3k school bus and do it ourselves. Man, we could build a palatial school bus for the money we're looking at on these other buses, and still have a few dollars left over.

Florida is only 2 weeks away, and our big life change is in less time than that. Call me if you haven't heard and I'll fill you in.

Now, bed. (12am)