Busy day in the bus today...

We'll just list the projects:

#1: remove drivers side mirror, adjust motor and install antenna for the CB. Reinstall mirror.

#2 Install flower-power panels in place of previously velvet upholstered pieces. Major improvement.

#3 See that little rope thing at the top? That's the project- keeping the door from banging against the windshield every time I go for one of eight technical manuals.

#4 Remove galley and make way for the new gourmet kitchen.

#4a Use Sawzall to forcibly remove stubborn panels and sheet metal that formed the trash chute to the basement, while keeping the plumbing and electrical in place.

#5 Remove existing faucet set (That is so close to the sink it's tough to efficiently wash hands)

#5a Install faucet set previously used in galley, which has ample clearance, and cost nothing but 12 minutes.

Tomorrow- the fridge hunt is on. 10 cu ft. Reliable.