On the way back from the Shriners Circus this afternoon, we stopped to take a look at Richard Pettys 1993 MCI 45' coach. He ordered it new for $750k. The second owner is selling it for a bit less, and we looked it over.

Just before Ethan embarked on a life or death trip atop a vivacious elephant with Lauren & Anya.

Nice finish, solid construction, interesting layout- it would require us to place 6 bunks in front of the kitchen, which we haven't thought of or seen yet, but if the price was right, we might give it a try.

We're standing in the kitchen, as viewed from the front of the bus. Kitchen on both sides, bathroom next with shower, then rear lounge.

Taken from the drivers position, even closer to the front of the bus. There are 5 couches, 3 make into beds. No formal beds otherwise.

Problem is, the price is a bit higher that our price range. I think we're going to gather all of the information after traveling to Florida on the 15th, then lay it out on the table and compare everything. Unless that is we come across an opportunity. Which is how I got into the movie business, purchased 3 basketball scoreboards 10 years ago, brought home a 48 in 1 arcade game etc etc. I am, an opportunist.

I believe this is the last bus to look at on this trip. I'll take another look at the classifieds for Ohio and everything in between. Have you ever tried Craigslist.com? If so, you'll love Crazedlist.org. It allows you to search several Craigs-lists at once. Much more efficient use of time! I'm going to take a look.