Kelly is one motivated girl. She came home the other day with tile and carpet samples and proceeded directly to Bussie to start making selections.

The Big Rip Out begins with a lively audience after dark.

Well. If you have new carpet and tile selections, that means you have to do something with old tile and carpet (this is where I come in). I was happy to just change the carpet in one small area and a couple of pieces of tile. However, I was in charge of the CB radio, and I am not in charge of the carpet and tile. We ripped out all of the tile and carpet last night. As with any carpet replacement project, there was a large amount of fine silty dirt hidden under the carpet that we are making available to the first person to come by with a truck, for their free fill dirt.

The Big Rip Out has moved to the back of the bus. Take note of the lack of the front hide a bed/sofa that was on the left.

So today, Bussie will be on the road to a recommended carpet and tile store to see what we can round up in remnants since it is a pretty small amount of material... Kelly said this morning that I didn't have to fuss any more about taking the tile and carpet out because once it was done I could just pay someone to install it.

I think she's trying to trick me into paying someone else to install it so I won't use extra staples to lay the rippled carpet down if I do install it.

I'll probably stick with CB radios and lights and let the professionals do the carpet.