The bus updates may go on for years, but here's what happened this week.

-Replaced the shower fan switch
-Replaced the kitchen light switch
-Fabricated the portable macerator and dumped the waste tanks
-Traced the wire for the CB radio through all of the forward cabinets
-Removed the electronics and wiring from the previous fax phone installation (and discovered a few hundred leaflets from the JFJ folks under the file cabinet)
-Removed the unbecoming upholstered valances

...taking out about 20 pounds of lovely valances. Not going to replace them.

-Drained the fresh water system of the sanitizing rinse, and replaced with fresh drinking water
-Replaced the Aiphone power supply (intercom from the driver to rear lounge)

In the rear lounge- Simon avoids walking 40 feet up to the driver by just picking up the phone and...

..telling the driver what he needs. In this case, it's just 'Hello'.

-Removed the old, and rebuilt the left side dashboard to accommodate the CB and 2 drink holders for the driver (got rid of black taped holes and mess)
Adjusted the warm/cool selector at the driver position. Previously, it was always warm.
-Removed the entry door panel so we could measure for and replace it (upholstered previously)
-Adjusted the entry door deadbolt so even the kids can lock or unlock the door

In other news, on Friday we made the trip to Littleton with Bussie, loaded with garage sale stuff, for one of my Dad's big parking lot sales. We stayed overnight at WM and set up early for the sale. Didn't sell everything, but made a few bucks and enjoyed spending the day with Dad. The girls had lunch with Grandma during a sales break.

Between the basement storage and bunk beds and floor space inside, there's a lot of cargo space in this bus for a garage sale!