Talking to Kelly's mom this morning, she speculated what the bus looked like parked across the front of the house. Speculate no more Anita:

I left 24" between the bus and the stairs to allow normal passage back and forth. There's enough room on the drivers side to pull a vehicle onto the concrete alongside Bussie. For roof work, we could just span the gap and walk aboard the roof from the landing on the stairs.

Hardly any affect on the neighbors across the street. It does however provide full screening from the adjacent neighbors- like a mobile privacy fence.

Approaching from the bottom of the hill, you hardly even notice the bus. When that white patch is painted, it will be almost completely invisible. The teal/green paint is such a shade that it makes the bus look smaller from a distance, no kidding! At night, you can't even see it.

From our bedroom, looking East- nice view of the Hadley airhorns.

Today, finally nailed down the shoreline power, so it's charging and heating and staying cozy waiting for the facelift.